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Digital Case Studies - Website Content Ideas
Savage and Associates
It was time for a big change for this financial firm in Toledo, OH.  Their website was dated and wasn’t optimized for a great mobile experience.  We developed a slick responsive Website using a content management system (CMS) (WordPress) and a great customizable theme. We layered with more social reach with a company LinkedIn page and adding a Facebook page for their annual charity golf tournament,  A huge leap forward.

Savage and Associates story

Dearborn Agency
Need to connect with savvy consumers that want to learn about their insurance options before committing to an agency?  We helped an 85-year-old insurance agency make a dramatic leap in their digital marketing. Website content ideas such as moving from a old style website to a content management system (CMS) (WordPress) and adding a Facebook page.

The Dearborn Agency Story

Thought leadership is critical when businesses need to plan budgets and make critical decisions in a bouncy economy. We built a content strategy with a website content ideas such as a blog, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn channels to tell a solution story.

HRAdvocate story

Sexual Harassment Infographic
Website content ideas come in many forms. Sometime it is easier to digest information in a visual format.  One page inforgraphics come in handy when used to help explain concepts or suggestions.

HRAdvocate Infographic

Do you look professional enough to merit multi-million dollar maintenance contracts? Are you fluent enough to tell a story of renovation efforts in Detroit? Website content ideas such as video helped Team EME get noticed as a knowledgeable and accessible industry leader.

Team EME Story

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What we do…

I’m Lorrie Cesarz and our team at MEMedia create video, graphics and web design to help your small business tell its story. We help create website content ideas that are fast and business casual. As a web stylist, we can give your site a makeover, add swag and offer storytelling video and real-time media to help customers get to know, like and trust you.